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 Admissions Process  

Admissions decisions are made based on a variety of criteria and from a thorough review and analysis of the student’s educational, behavioral, and emotional history. The following criteria are individually reviewed for each student to determine if he/she fits into the criteria set forth by Hopeful Journeys.

Any person (parent, child, teacher, school system, therapist, psychiatrist, community agency, etc.) can request a referral packet from Hopeful Journeys at any time. The referral packet will contain information about Hopeful Journeys as well as a School Intake Form for admission. Student referrals can be made by local educational agencies (LEAs), parents, community agencies, and clinicians. Additionally, Hopeful Journeys  is always available to provide tours of the school to interested parties or individuals seeking to gather information.

Click below to download our School Intake Form

Upon receipt of our School Intake Form (most recent testing, most recent IEP, clinical information), the Hopeful Journeys Executive Director, Clinical Director, and Educational Director will review the information. If upon initial review, the administrative team believes that the student referral meets the identified criteria, Hopeful Journeys' admissions coordinator will set up an intake with the student, his/her parent(s) or guardian or school district.

The student’s intake will consist of the student meeting with the Clinical Director and/or Educational Director for a 1 hour observation to determine whether the student would be a candidate for Hopeful Journeys. Questions regarding admissions can be directed to Erin Dunham at 978-993-8096 or To download our School Intake Form, please click the link below.

Instake Form

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